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Hi, I'm Trish

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Trish Whitcomb is a dedicated public servant and lifelong advocate for the people of Indiana. Trish's deep roots in the community and her commitment to service have shaped her values and guided her journey in politics.

As a 7th-generation Hoosier and the daughter of former Republican Governor Ed Whitcomb and First Lady Pat Whitcomb, Trish learned from an early age the importance of integrity, compassion, and standing up for what is right. She campaigned alongside her parents, gaining invaluable experience in grassroots organizing, policy drafting, and community engagement.

Trish's political journey has been marked by a steadfast dedication to her core values. After the Watergate scandal, she joined the Democratic Party, believing that as a Democrat, she could better advocate for transparency in government and the rights of all individuals.

With a background in education, finance, and community development, Trish brings a unique perspective to the political arena. As a special education classroom teacher, head of the Adult Learning Center at Central State Hospital, and special advisor to the Superintendent at the Indiana Department of Education, Trish has always been committed to supporting the well-being and success of Hoosiers from all walks of life.

Mission Statement

Trish Whitcomb's mission is to build a brighter future for Indiana by championing the values of integrity, compassion, and accountability in government. With a focus on protecting personal freedoms, caring for the needs of today to ensure a better tomorrow, and advocating for public service over self-service, Trish is dedicated to serving as a voice for all Hoosiers. Her unwavering commitment to transparency, fiscal responsibility, and community empowerment drives her vision for a more prosperous and equitable Indiana. Through collaboration, innovation, and a tireless dedication to the people she serves, Trish aims to create positive change and make a meaningful difference in the lives of every individual and family across the state.

                                   Professional Experience

2022 - Present    Learning Advisor, Brainware Learning Company

2022 - 2024         Principal, Whitcomb Klinkose Group

2020 - 2022         Servant Leader, Unaffiliated

2019 - 2020         Executive Director, Indiana Retired Teachers Association (IRTA)

2019 - 2019         Partner, Bondry Management Consultants

2015 - 2019         Vice President, George K. Baum and Company

2013 - 2015         Special Advisor, Indiana Department of Education

2012 - 2013         Campaign Manager, Ritz 4 Education Campaign

2005 - 2007         Development Director, Saint Joseph Children's Home

2002 - 2005         Vice President of Sales and Marketing, First Financial Bancorp

1998 - 2000         Vice President of Public Affairs, Marathon Communications

1993 - 1995         Vice President of Public Affairs, Edelman

1991 - 1993         Consultant, Midwest Opinion Makers

1985 - 1990         Midwest Director, Bates/Meimand

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