Trish Whitcomb is a 7th-generation daughter of Indiana. Raised in Seymour from age five, she is the daughter of former Republican Governor Ed Whitcomb and First Lady Pat Whitcomb. Throughout her life, Trish campaigned alongside her parents and, as an adult, she continued helping other prominent candidates, organizing volunteers, drafting policy and gaining valuable experiences. Under her father’s stewardship as a Republican Governor, he championed the environment, childcare, and increased federal funding for education. Trish Whitcomb’s core political values have steadfastly focused on these issues. After the Watergate scandal, Trish joined the Democratic Party to fight for transparency in government, believing as a Democrat she could better advocate for these concerns and the rights of others.

Trish graduated from Seymour High School and Butler University. She attended graduate school at the University of Wyoming, funding her graduate studies with a teaching assistant position. She taught U.S. Constitution and Wyoming State Government, a required course for all students.
Trish returned to Indiana and joined the re-election campaign of Democratic Senator Birch E. Bayh. recognizing that Bayh’s value system and accomplishments closely mirrored her and her family’s beliefs. Working on the campaign, Trish saw that Senator Bayh and Governor Whitcomb each believed that serving the people of Indiana was more about making a positive difference in their lives than branding them with a party label.

Trish’s career path includes experiences in public education where she worked as a classroom teacher. She left education to work in international public relations, banking, and public finance. Trish’s career path never veered far from political activism. As a political consultant, she worked with anti-Communist party members in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Poland, then later co-authored a book, Revolution Road Trip, about the experience.

Trish managed several successful political campaigns including the election of Glenda Ritz for Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction, a campaign that won support from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. After the election, Trish served as Special Advisor to the Superintendent, focusing on policies and projects to improve public school outcomes. Hoosier Family of Readers and the Unified Campaign to Combat Sex Abuse of School Age Children were two of the important efforts she led for the Department of Education.

Trish also worked for an investment bank that funded public projects like schools, redevelopment, and recreational facilities, and as a municipal finance advisor. She now works as a Learning Advisor for a company whose software helps students build cognitive skills that are vital to learning and behavior management.
Telecommuting has allowed Trish to return to her hometown of Seymour, where her passion for public service is firmly grounded in the values and traditions she learned there. Trish Whitcomb’s skills, accomplishments, and exemplary leadership abilities make her uniquely qualified to represent the citizens of House District 69 at the Indiana Statehouse. Like her mentors, she too will make a positive impact on the people and the place she has always called home.