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Have you ever thought about running for office? 🤔

Shape the Future of Jackson, Washington, and Scott Counties: Why Democrats Should Run for Local Office

In the heart of Jackson, Washington, and Scott counties, becoming part of the local government isn't just something you do—it's really important for making our communities better. Jobs like being on the school board or county commissioners are where decisions are made that affect everything we do every day.


For Democrats in these counties, getting involved in local government is a great way to make sure the things we care about—like making sure our schools are the best, our roads and bridges are safe, and our access to health care is good —are put into action. When we're in charge locally, we can make rules and plans that not only help our own neighborhoods but also show others a good example, maybe even influencing bigger government decisions.


These jobs are pretty easy to try for compared to bigger ones, and they're a good way to start if you're new to politics. You get to learn a lot about how to make things better for people, how to speak up for what's right, and how to help out. These are all important skills if you ever want to do more in politics or be a leader in your job or community.


Plus, not many people vote in local elections, so every vote really counts. By being a Democrat in these counties, you can make sure our ideas are heard even in places where there aren't many of us.


When you decide to run for office in Jackson, Washington, and Scott counties, you're not just taking a job. You're making a big difference in how our future looks. It's a chance to make sure our local government cares about the things we do and makes life better for everyone. This isn't just about being part of democracy—it's about making real changes where they mean the most.


I would be honored to have other local Democrats on the ballot with me in November. Let's show our communities that we really care!

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about running for office.

Trish Whitcomb

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