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In Times Like These, We Need A Focused Representative Who Puts Us First.

I’m Trish Whitcomb, the Democratic candidate running against Jim Lucas in Indiana HD 69.

Last week, Lucas confronted a group of high school students at the Statehouse. These kids were visiting the capitol to lobby for common-sense gun safety.  During his “debate” with children about their efforts, he opened his coat to flash a pistol, later claiming that he was “simply showing an inanimate object.”


Columnist James Briggs accurately called Lucas “unhinged” for intimidating kids who were trying to learn about the legislative process and make their voices heard. The column also pointed out that even the NRA says not to show your concealed weapon just to make a point. You would think this shouldn’t have to be said, but you should refrain from brandishing your weapon to intimidate children.

Last year, Lucas crashed down an embankment onto I-65, then fled the scene on flat tires while drunk and high. When the car couldn’t go any further, he tried to hide it behind a local business and started fleeing on foot.  Stopped by state police who were investigating the crash, Lucas lied to the trooper repeatedly and denied it all– until he couldn’t come up with a way out of the mess.  

Now, in the middle of the legislative session, Lucas is fleeing the state of Indiana for Texas to support Gov. Abott. Why is he not doing his job?

Jim Lucas is not just unhinged, he is dangerous and embarrassing, and treats his constituents with scorn.

That’s why I am running for Lucas’ seat in the State Legislature.  It’s time for Hoosiers to end this embarrassment.

ACT NOW!  I need your help to beat an incumbent with a well-run, well-funded campaign.

Please go to our ActBlue page and give now.  You know early money is the most important money in elections.  Your contribution now can make a real difference.

Thank you,

Trish Whitcomb

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