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Join Us for Rural Summits & Celebrate Voting Rights!

Message from Trish

“The response to our campaign is gratifying. We’re gaining volunteers and people all over the state are donating to our campaign. I am joining a coalition of Democratic legislative candidates running in all parts of Southern Indiana. Our ultimate goal is a series of RURAL SUMMITS. All of us will travel as a group to locations throughout Southern Indiana. We will focus on important issues like the skyrocketing utility rates, the Gas Tax, and issues that touch all of our families, such as childcare, eldercare, and access to mental health care.

Stay tuned for the dates and places where you can attend our rural roadshows and summits!”

Celebrate the 19th Amendment

Hey everyone! Guess what? We're doing something fun to celebrate a big moment in our country's history: the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which allowed women to vote.

Between June 4 and August 26, we want to throw 19 house parties to remember this awesome achievement.

The 19th Amendment passed through Congress on June 4th and was ratified on August 26th.

We also want to acknowledge that it wasn’t until the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that all women of color were able to fully participate.

What's the big idea behind these parties?

  • Bring people together: Let's get our friends and family in one place to celebrate voting rights.

  • Educate people: We'll talk about why the 19th Amendment was a big deal and how it still matters today.

  • Support Trish Whitcomb: She's all about making Indiana better by being open, responsible, and empowering everyone to use their voice.

At each party, we'll hang out with friends and maybe raise some money too. It's all about celebrating voting rights and how they are the key to a better future. This is going to be awesome. Let's celebrate, learn, and make a difference together! Want to host a party or learn more? Martha Montgomery and Patty Kovach can help you out.

Become a Campaign Champion

Become a campaign champion! It’s easier than you think. We’re walking in neighborhoods, making phone calls to voters, and getting ready to distribute yard signs. We need you to be eyes and ears in your neighborhood for opportunities to meet voters and participate in volunteer community events.

The Day of Caring in Seymour was a great opportunity for our volunteers to show our community how much we care.

Throughout this summer and into the fall, our community engagement depends on you. You can support the campaign wherever you live. Get involved!

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