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Why Trish Whitcomb Says She’s Running To Try And Replace State Rep. Jim Lucas

Written by Kurt Darling

Published on August 25, 2023

Source: Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

SEYMOUR, Ind. — Trish Whitcomb is the daughter of the late former governor Edgar Whitcomb and she is hoping to return to the statehouse.

Whitcomb has had several jobs in state government over the years had has also been Executive Director of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association and is the former President of the Indiana Federation of Democratic Women.

Now she intends to run for public office by challenging State Rep. Jim Lucas next year for his seat in the Indiana House.

“When I saw what happened with Representative Lucas, I thought ‘this district deserves better’,” she said to Indy Politics.

Whitcomb refers to Lucas’s recent arrest for drunk driving in Late May. He crashed his pick-up truck in Seymour and was later caught walking along a road and he failed field sobriety tests. Lucas has since admitted to “screwing up.”

For Whitcomb, she feels the people in District 69 need a change. She intends to start canvassing the district and talking with people about what they would like to see out of their representative in the Statehouse.

“I’ll be finding out (from the people) the kinds of things the government can help them do and where they want it to get out of the way,” Whitcomb said. “If I am elected I am going to be a full-time servant.”

She wants to facilitate resources in her district to try and keep young people from wanting to leave so that people with skills will help stay and move the area forward. Whitcomb said that can happen by investing in affordable housing and child care and bringing jobs that will be attractive to people with “higher level skills.”

Jim Lucas has been the state representative from Seymour since 2012.

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