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About Trish

Trish Whitcomb is a 7th-generation daughter of Indiana. Raised in Seymour from age five, she is the daughter of former Republican Governor Ed Whitcomb and First Lady Pat Whitcomb. Throughout her life, Trish campaigned alongside her parents and, as an adult, she continued helping other prominent candidates, organizing volunteers, drafting policy and gaining valuable experiences. Under her father’s stewardship as a Republican Governor, he championed the environment, childcare, and increased federal funding for education. Trish Whitcomb’s core political values have steadfastly focused on these issues. After the Watergate scandal, Trish joined the Democratic Party to fight for transparency in government, believing as a Democrat she could better advocate for these concerns and the rights of others.



"Don't send me to the legislature because I am resistant to Limestone Fever, although I am, but send me because I will be YOUR person at the Statehouse."

Limestone Fever isn’t something that people working in the quarries develop. It is what happens tsome legislators and officeholders when they enter the state house, which is made of Indiana limestone. They forget the constituents who elected them.  They believe their constituents are the lobbyists, the other legislators, and the big-monied interests that want special laws to make outrageous profits and pay little-to-no taxes.
 This is not public service—it is self-service – and it must change.  We, the voters of the state, elect representatives – and we, the voters of the state, expect them to serve us and our needs, to provide for our safety and security, and to protect our freedoms. That is not what’s happening.

Limestone Fever causes legislators to follow the logic that it takes 30 seconds to scare voters and 30 minutes to educate them, so afflicted legislators scare voters when they can. They rely on these scare tactics to make people feel unsafe in their homes, to demonize educators who dedicate their lives to students’ learning, or to make you feel that your neighbor who looks different or worships differently is threatening your way of life. Finding solutions to the problems we face requires more than bumper-
sticker slogans and Facebook memes.   




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No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, we must talk and work together. Starting after Labor Day, I will meet regularly with anyone who wants to talk about the issues they face. Effective legislators know what is important to constituents and I genuinely want to know how to help you.   

About Trish